Basic Detoxification


Copyright, Andrew Gowan, N.D.

The economical cleanse that’s healthy for you and your budget! Like the more comprehensive Integrated Detoxification program, this cleanse involves cleansing the bowel, restoring normal bowel flora and also uses potent antimicrobials for long term systemic healing. Take at your own pace, completing the whole course in 3-10 weeks.
Please note: if you are pregnant or breastfeeding please seek appropriate medical advice before beginning any cleanse. See our disclaimer.

  1. Begin on low reactive/detox diet for the entire duration
  3. WEED PHASE (weeks 1-3 after the 3 days of epsom salts)
    1. Intestinal Fibre powder, e.g. Nature’s Sunshine “Three” or “Psyllium Combination” 1 heaped tspn stirred into 200mls (8oz) of water. (or you can make your own powder from ingredients available at most health food stores -- go to Do it Yourself) Mix thoroughly, and consume immediately.
    2. Note: you must drink plenty of water during the day, otherwise you may become constipated. It is important during the cleanse that you have at least one bowel motion daily. If this is not the case then take another laxative such as Nature’s Sunshine LBS2.

    3. Take a powerful antimicrobial combination formula, e.g. Hi Potency Garlic or Pau d’arco, Olive leaf, Artimesia (Wormwood), Oregano Oil in capsules, Homeobotanical ProMyr (propolis/Myrrh combination), Lugol’s iodine. Health food stores carry several versions of products containing one or more of these sorts of antimicrobial herbs.
  4. SEED PHASE (weeks 3-6)
    1. Take a high potency Acidophilus product (containing at least 5 Billion live organisms per capsule or serving). 1 capsule 3 times daily, or
    2. Natural unsweetened, organic Acidophilus yogurt, at least 2 serves per day.
    3. Optional- Natures Sunshine “All-Cell Detox” a general drainage formula to provide further detox support.
  5. FEED PHASE (weeks 5-8)
    1. Liver herbs and nutritionals- Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Globe Artichoke, Beets, Barley juice powder, MSM, Glutathionet. For example, Nature’s Sunshine LIV-C, MilkThistle Combination, or Lymphomax.
    2. Eat plenty of raw green vegetables, commonly known as “bitter greens”
  6. Systemic Antimicrobials/Immune Stimulation. Take either:
    1. Lugol’s iodine 6-8 drops (12-16 drops of the current USP formulation) up to 4 times daily. Begin on 1 drop and build up gradually. Take in tea, water or juice, for 3 weeks.
    2. MMS.

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