In our clinic, we often begin a treatment program with a cleanse of some form or other. Here is the information we provide to our patients when beginning on this very comprehensive detoxification program. For more info on detoxification, please click here.


Due to your particular health concerns, we know that a program of cleansing and nutrient support will benefit your health. The products we use will help your body's trillions of cells to repair and regenerate. This will help you reach a new level of health and wellness. Please read and follow the program as directed, and see the benefits for yourself!

Why Detoxify?

Over the past fifty years our environment has become increasingly more toxic. Pollution, chemicals, food additives, radiations, pesticides, and drugs (medical and illicit) have created an overwhelming toxic burden for humans. All life on our planet is threatened, and we all have some level of exposure. Our food has become depleted in trace and essential minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. The typical western diet is too high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats at the expense of more desirable health promoting foods. This all adds up to a huge challenge for our bodies to deal with, and it is no wonder over all good health is, for the most part difficult to attain.

So, if we are exposed to toxic substances, or if we make unwise dietary and lifestyle choices, many potentially dangerous substances will build up in our bodies. Allergies, and exposure to chemicals in food, water and the environment are increasingly recognised as major contributing factors in many health problems. Basically, a cleanse or detoxification is a wise health choice that will make a positive impact on a persons wellbeing.

The liver has been referred by one author as the body's "lifeline" as it does most of the work in detoxifying foreign substances, as well as substances the body creates as part of the normal cellular processes. If your liver is over worked (and "under paid" by not having correct nutrients to work with) many health issues will arise. These could include allergies, poor digestion, inflammation, fatique, blood sugar abnormalities, hormonal imbalances, and other chronic conditions. You can help your liver by providing your body with the right nutrients and botanicals involved for optimum liver function.

This cleansing program is designed to do four important things:

  1. Decrease your exposure to toxins and allergens
  2. Help your body cleanse in a gentle manner
  3. Repair and improve the integrity and activity of your gut or intestinal tract
  4. Strengthen and stimulate your immune system

After completing this cleansing program, we recommend you maintain your new level of health by implementing a good wellness plan, by following the INSULIN ZONE SYSTEM and taking a full spectrum daily supplement.
Please contact us at any stage if you need help or advice regarding this program.

HOW MANY TIMES should you detox? Most Naturopaths would recommend a twice yearly detoxification/cleanse program. BUT you may wish to (or need to) detox more frequently, or for certain health issues. If you have a SERIOUS health condition please contact us or discuss with your healthcare provider BEFORE attempting a cleanse such as this.

The Program

We provide two detoxification programs – ADVANCED and BASIC.
Advanced is what we provide in clinic and Basic could be used where products can be substituted or if you are needing to economise and is more of “do it yourself”, at home cleanse with products that are readily available. The Advanced pogram costs just over $200 (which includes in clinic urine tests of toxicity levels).

Both detox programs follow a multi-pronged approach:

  1. Initialisation phase
  2. Weed phase
  3. Seed phase
  4. Feed phase/Liver support
  5. Systemic antimicrobials/immune stimulants,
  6. or Heavy Metal detox if indicated

While on the program, you also follow the elimination/detox diet explained below. Your detox program can last from 4-8 weeks and beyond depending on what your body needs.

We use a range of products to promote detoxification.

For FULL details on our two cleanses click here:

Along with the products, it is important to follow a modified diet plan. This involves reducing or eliminating those foods known to cause reactions and problems for many people. To put it simply, the aim is for your body, and in particular, your digestive system to have a break from foods that create a toxic burden. This is achieved by removing potentially allergenic foods from your diet. This type of diet is the KEY to successful detoxification.

The elimination diet is a 21 day plan, but can be shorter or longer depending on your circumstances. The diet should, however, be at least 14 days in order to achieve it's purpose. Where body toxicity is high and comprehensive detox support chosen, the elimination diet is modified to exclude all animal protein between days 7 and 14. This allows for more cleansing to take place.



For further help and other recipe ideas, check out your local library or health food store, and look for books on dairy, gluten free, and vegetarian cooking. Books are also available on the Insulin Zone diet, and other healthy diet plans. Please contact us for more information.

See our recipe ideas.

Please note:

  1. It is important that the bowels are kept regular (daily). If constipation occurs, please contact us. Try taking 2-3 teaspoons of cold pressed olive oil at breakfast time, or use a gentle herbal laxative (Natures Sunshine LBS2).
  2. Drink 6-8 glasses of purified water daily.
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Here are examples of daily menus. They need not be followed exactly, provided you keep to the Elimination Diet. Substitute other recipes, use your imagination and have fun!

Fruit smoothies, rice flakes, puffs, rice bubbles. Millet or rice porridge with soy milk or pear juice. Pancakes/waffles made with allowed flours. Fruit. Rice cakes with maple syrup. Lamb chops. Steamed rice with stewed pears and sprinkle of cashews.

Bean and rice salad. Soups. Tofu burger. Toasted rice bread. Salads. Chickpea patties. Beef casserole, baked sweet potato. Chicken - roast or grilled. Vegetables. Stir-fry.

Rice cakes or crackers with hummus. Fruit. Nut mix. Celery sticks with hummus. Smoothies. Rice cakes with maple syrup. Grated apple and soy yoghurt. Vegetable chips. Fruit juices. Herbal teas.


When you have completed this detox program congratulate yourself! You are now on your way to better health and more vitality! Reintroduce foods slowly, over 3-7 days. You may choose to remain on the low reactive elimination diet, especially if you have food sensitivities.

A healthy diet has moderate carbohydrate intake, and moderate levels of protein and monounsaturated fats and essential fatty acids. This type of diet is called the Insulin Zone system, and is designed to promote longevity and sustain your improved levels of energy and vitality.

For FULL details on our two cleanses click here:
Advanced Integrated Detoxification
Basic Detoxification