Bio-energetic Stimulators

(aka Beck, Hulda Clark Zappers)

At Bettalife, we develop, design and manufacture several different "zapper" models.

Hulda Clark Zapper

Super Zapper/Beck Silver Pulser

Colloidal Silver Generator

Please note we are currently out of stock of the Hulda Clark Zapper and Super Zapper.  A redesign of both models is underway.

We apologise for the inconvenience. For more information please contact us

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What is a "Zapper"?

Basically, any device that delivers a small electrical current to handholds or electrodes. When these are applied to the body, pathogenic organisms (virus, bacteria, etc) may be neutralised, or killed.
The word "zapper" specifically refers to the device developed by Dr Hulda R. Clark and described in her book "The Cure For All Diseases". We design and manufacture a range of experimental devices including the zapper, and Bob Beck's Beck Silver Pulser. Please see our disclaimer page.
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