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There is a growing awareness all around the world that Westernized, conventional medicine does not have all the answers.

Conventional medicine does have first place when it comes to acute, life-threatening illnesses, or accident and injury where prompt medical attention can save life and limb. And rightly so. The contribution that medicines such as antibiotics have made to improving clinical outcomes is indisputable.

Modern surgical technology is saving lives every day.

However, the concern is where such medicines are abused by the health-care industry. Over-use of antibiotics has led to increasing strains of “super-bugs” resistant to the most powerful antibiotics. And the approach of a drug to deal with any disease has produced the unfounded notion of a “magic bullet” to cure our ills. And sadly, statistics speak for themselves when it comes to death or injury as a result of medical error and over-prescribed medicines.

Take a look at these research statistics:

"Demographics suggest that cancer is a disease with a future... there are now 80 million American “baby boomers” By 2005 cancer will almost inevitably replace heart disease as the chief “killer disease” in the United States." Wingerson L. AACR Conference April 10-14 2001.

Breast cancer not improving..."mortality (death rate) remaining relatively unchanged for the better part of a century" Bowcock A. Et al. NEJM 1999(341)16

"15,000 Cancer deaths per year in Australia are directly due to preventable causes" Cancer Council Australia

The International Diabetes Institute estimates that Australia is approaching one million diabetics, this in an overall population of 20 million people.
"In the eight years from 1990-1998, diabetes increased 70% in the 30 - 39 year group."

Over-prescribing, long-term drug therapy achieves little more than the masking of symptoms. Acute, short-lived illnesses are better off with no or minimal drug therapy. Better still, using natural medicines will in most cases give a superior outcome. In chronic disease, the natural alternatives produce worthy results without any side effects. The treatment (cure) of disease and reversing of symptoms is within the scope of Natural Medicine when appropriately used.

What it all boils down to then is that Natural Medicine should be the first therapeutic intervention in treating illness and disease, unless that condition requires more aggressive life-saving treatment.

In these pages you will find information on advanced blood cleansing detoxification/wellness technologies as well as pain relief devices and several other ideas for helping you to achieve great health and vitality.

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