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Super Zapper/Beck Silver Pulser

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Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for a Fraction of the Cost!
Pocket Sized, Portable Advanced Blood Electrifier

super zapperIn 1990 scientists at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine (New York) discovered that viruses (including HIV, EBV and others) could be inactivated by applying a small electric current (50-100 microamps). This astonishing discovery was reported in "Science News" March 1991 p.207. The outer protein layers of the HIV virus are altered by the current so that the virus is unable to attach itself to receptor sites.
The scientists involved went on to publish a patent on the medical uses of their findings, which included advanced devices and technologies to cleanse the blood inside and outside the body.
Unfortunately, the scientists made it clear such devices were outside the scope of present day medical technology, and there would need to be "years of testing before such an in vitro device can be made ready for widespread use." This effectively put the discovery in the too-hard basket...

Enter Robert C. Beck D.Sc. who took this idea from a future possibility to a present alternative. He devised a method for electrifying/purifying blood using a simple electrical device. His proven design enables the operator to electrify/purify blood with no dialysis, implants or medical intervention. It is truly a self help approach which is also inexpensive, simple to use and rapid.

super zapper setupIn 1991 Robert Beck made a protocol available to the general public based on a simple electronic circuit to perform the blood clearing. In 1997, his updated protocol and circuits were published over the internet, following several years of research at his own expense. Robert Beck writes "Both blood and lymph can be cleared in vivo (which means blood isn't removed, or skin penetrated) simply, rapidly and inexpensively." Beck quoted his method to be 95% effective at eliminating HIV and other viruses along with clearing the blood stream of parasites, fungi, bacteria and other pathogens. This method includes both blood electrification, and making and drinking your own colloidal silver. Beck also published further information on a device for pulsing a magnetic field into lymph nodes and tumor sites.
The Beck Electrifier/Neutraliser has been used by thousands of people over the past 10+ years. There are many testimonies of positive effects from using this device, following the suggested protocols. There are no known side effects (aside from occasional detoxification effects). Beck designed and thoroughly tested his device before making all details publicly available. This information is accessible over the internet and via video recordings of a lecture presented on the subject.

Our Super Zapper/Beck Silver Pulser 2 is made according to the latest specifications and has been designed to be lightweight, portable and simple to operate. Using only one 9v battery it easily fits into a shirt pocket. The pulser lead set runs from the unit to two stainless steel electrodes which are placed right over the blood path on the ulnar and radial arteries on the wrist. The electrodes are held in place with a velcro strap. The electric current is delivered through the electrodes to cleanse the bloodstream via these arteries. The instrument is worn this way for 2 or more hours per day and used daily for 4-6 weeks. The convenience of our design allows freedom to carry on with your usual routine while blood cleansing.

AND you make your own colloidal silver to take in between.

What is colloidal silver?


Caution: Do not use this device if you are pregnant or wearing a pace maker. Experimental use only. Please see our disclaimer page.


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