The Art of Health

Unlocking the Body's Power to Heal

The ENAR Space Healer is a revolutionary healing device now used in New Zealand and Australia by doctors, massage and sports therapists, naturopaths and health practitioners. Their patients are saying it is the most effective healing instrument they've found.
This handheld battery operated electronic stimulating device regulates the adaptive function of the body's nervous system. The ENAR Space Healer provides unsurpassed rapid pain relief, and increased range of motion for any sort of injury or joint dysfunction. Effective for any type of pain: headache, neuralgia, period pain, gastritis, arthritis, cramping, and speeds tissue repair in wounds, burns, even bone fractures heal faster. Its effectiveness is not only limited to pain as it enhances healing throughout the body and is of benefit in colds, flu, fever, indigestion, eczema, and other complaints.

ENAR stands for Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator. The device stimulates the body's inbuilt healing energies. When applied to the skin, the device sets up a two-way communication with the autonomic (unconscious) nervous system. Through biofeedback, an interaction is established between the soft tissues and the instrument. The output signal is constantly changing based on the physiological signals coming back from the body.
Often the body seems to get "stuck" in a weakened state of health and pain. Imagine an instrument that wakes up the stuck part, stimulating it with electrical signals identical to those generated by the brain. It has been found that once the area that is "stuck" has been treated with the Space Healer, it is as though it has been woken up, and consequent treatments continue this work until complete restoration is achieved. Practitioners using the Space Healer have been trained to recognise the trouble spots and address them in their treatment.
The treatment is truly dynamic, reflecting and responding to changes in the soft tissue, restarting the nervous system's natural adaptive operation. An avalanche of special hormones called neuropeptides are released from the brain which further enhances whole-body healing.

ENAR technology was developed in Russia as part of their space programme over twenty years ago. The inventors received a Lenin prize for their work. In Russia, the ENAR has become part of mainstream medical practice, and is used in hospitals (having thousands of successful cases). There are many clinical trials attesting to the effectiveness of the technology. Here in the West, some trials have been recently commissioned.

The ENAR Space Healer can have a profound effect on both chronic and acute conditions, and injuries that may not respond to other forms of therapy. By using the Space Healer, we can find hidden and referred treatment points on the body. Sometimes the problem, at its primary level, may be located at a different point away from the discomfort. The ENAR actually treats a condition in ways not evident by other means.
Relieve pain quickly, reduce inflammation and spasm, accelerate healing, rejuvenate and tone with the ENAR Space Healer. Even decrease wrinkles and premature ageing with this wonder gadget!
The future of pain relief and faster healing is now available and in your hands. If you would like to know more, please contact me.