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Sprains, strains, injury, aches, pains, stiffness, soreness - you name it, our bodies can be rather fragile at times, can’t they? When you’ve overstrained something you shouldn’t or you have long-term or short term pain, a new treatment is available that is proving effective at relieving these human ills.

Called Vibro-Muscular Harmonization Technique (or VHT for short), this treatment is based on the Bowen Therapeutic Technique which was developed by Australian Tom Bowen between 1960-1980.

VHT is a truly 21st century therapy. It employs the innovative Bowen “move” over the body’s connective tissue, but has a much more profound effect at balancing and harmonizing the body in an energetic way. Each VHT move is precise but gentle, designed to liberate a recoil energy set up in the muscles and connective tissues. Basic elements of several other body therapies (chiropractic, osteopathy, shaitsu and others) are melded together to become this exciting and powerful therapy.

Our understanding of the human body continues to expand, and so VHT is constantly being updated as moves and ideas are expanded on. The developer of VHT, Jock Ruddock, at the first New Zealand workshop earlier this year, explained how his technique has changed over the years. Each new method trialed by researchers around the world means a re-write of the basic training manual. This is a wholistic or whole body therapy, so, for example, if you have a sprained ankle, the entire body is worked on and not only the ankle.

One major benefit of a VHT treatment is the peace and relaxation that is brought about by the moves. It is deeply relaxing and people feel so much better after the session, with a heightened sense of well-being and healing. Sessions are between 30-60 minutes in length and are done through clothing making this powerful technique totally non invasive and non threatening. VHT has been taught to body workers and chiropractors in North America, U.K., Africa and Europe and is now available in the Tararua District.

So, for all your aches, pains and niggles - from jaw problems through backache, to OOS and constipation, give VHT a go. And if you’re just feeling low and in need of a gentle touch - hands-on work - then try VHT. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Andrew Gowan

Put Yer Back Out Have Ya, Mate?

The alarm clock rings, startling you from deep slumber, and as you throw back the sheets and turn over in bed to jump out, your neck gives a little click and moments later you're crippled. Before, you could turn your head to look over your shoulder, but now you have to move your whole upper body around to see what's happening anywhere besides immediately in front of you.

Or was it that dratted ewe, you know, the cranky old bird who always gives you trouble in the yard? She thought she'd make a run for it but she didn't bet on your tackling skills did she? Trouble is, it's been a few years now since you were in the first fifteen rugby team and now your back's giving you hell?

Sound familiar? For me, it was the first scenario: the neck business. I woke up one morning, and (being married to a naturopath) promptly said to Andrew that I'd be his first patient today. But before that could happen, we had to get the morning rush over with. I remember chasing sheep around the yards as a kid, and sometimes breakfast at our place is a bit like that, everyone seems to scatter everywhere except where you want them. When you put a crook neck into the picture, it makes things take even longer than normal. Still we got there and as soon as the kids were sorted out I was out to the clinic to get my neck put right.

Andrew had been away at a course learning a new technique - VHT - and he was singing it's praises. I hadn't had a chance to be guinea pig yet, but after hearing some of the other guinea pigs' comments, I knew I'd be right before the morning was too much older. Half an hour on the table and I was a new woman - total neck mobility and a couple of niggly bits in my back straightened out in the bargain.

The thing I like about VHT is that it's quick and simple, I just have to lie down and be put back into place. It doesn't hurt, gives me a bit of time out while I'm getting put right, and best of all, it's effective. I reckon that if your back or your neck's out, why put up with it? Get it sorted out at Health & Wholeness with VHT.

Kiri Gowan

More about VHT

Vibro-Muscular Harmonization is a technique
that brings about harmony in the body
by vibrating the connective soft tissue
using an evolvement of the unique move
pioneered by Tom Bowen.

VHT is a non-invasive pattern of procedures
performed over specific points on the connective soft tissue
in which the entire body is holistically addressed
without overt consideration of any real or supposed problem.

+ Intent
+ Integrity
+ Innovative move
= Effectiveness!