The Art of Health

Power Up Your System by Getting Rid of Toxins

Toxins can be viewed as poisons or unfavourable substances which cause disease or ill-health. Any substance unsuited to the body will damage or stress the body’s repair and detoxification mechanisms. There are many different types of toxins; but for simplicity I have placed them in two groups: self generated (internal) and self inflicted (external).

These are produced by the activities of everyday living. As an example, digestion and metabolism of foods result in breakdown products. Increased stress, both emotional and physical, increases the toxic levels so the body may have trouble excreting them. Headaches and constipation are two common examples of resulting symptoms.

We daily take into our bodies chemicals and toxins which are very difficult to deal with. There are chemicals in our foods and water, polluted air, insecticides, sprays, cleaning products, body-care products. Then there are those well known culprits: nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and other drugs such as pharmaceuticals.

The liver does an incredible job of detoxifying and sorting chemicals. If there are too many toxins to deal with, the body becomes overloaded and we get symptoms. Please take a moment to read through the following complaints. The more of these complaints you have, the greater your need for a detox.

Common symptoms include: tiredness; lethargy; headaches; gaining weight easily; digestive problems (bad breath, coated tongue, gas, bloating, indigestion, less than one bowel movement per day); nervous system symptoms (poor memory, mood swings, anxiety, feeling “stressed-out”, poor concentration, food cravings of any sort, un-refreshing sleep). Other complaints include more than one or two colds per year, congested nose or sinuses, body odour, sleep, allergies, eczema, acne, skin rashes, sore joints or muscles, dark circles under eyes, nails weak or brittle. Sensitivity to odours, chemicals or foods is another sign of toxicity.

As a general health measure, all of us can find renewed well-being by a doing a detox, clean out. Anybody who drinks coffee, tea, alcohol, has significant physical or emotional stress, those exposed to chemicals at home, work and people on medications. This sums up just about everybody to some degree!

I use a simple to follow cleansing program lasting only three weeks. Many people lose between 3-5 kgs, have increased energy and feel the best they have in years. Can you relate to any of the above complaints? Do you want to feel at your best? Of course you do! Contact me now and begin your 3 week plan.