The Art of Health

CANCER - Light at the End of the Tunnel

Cancer - a word all too often associated with fear, suffering and pain. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, it is a serious and touchy subject. There are no ‘magic bullets’, and some cancers are more aggressive (more life threatening) than others; however, when we examine cancer from a natural medicine perspective, we will find there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

It is sad but true that modern medicine is not winning the “war on cancer” because it hasn’t been asking the right questions. Why are cancer rates increasing (one in four people)? What roles do diet and lifestyle play? What makes a normal cell become cancerous? Do powerful toxic drugs really do no harm to the body? How effective are the three therapies commonly used (surgery, radiation, chemo)? Are there other safer, proven therapies out there?

There are many more questions that could be asked and the pros and cons from all sides can get complicated. Space does not permit us to fully explore and give adequate answers to these issues. But I do hope your curiosity is aroused and I suggest you take a deeper look. Two excellent books on the subject, both written by Kiwis are “The Cancer Conspiracy” by Toni Jeffreys Ph.D., and “Our Health at Risk” by Janice-Ann Priest.

Less conventional therapies can be used successfully to complement the conventional (Western) approach. There are many natural medicines that will, for example, make chemotherapy work more effectively and with fewer side effects. The literature and research available on these food-based medicines is astounding, yet many medical people will not accept their validity. This is crazy. The doctors and specialists who are at the coal face, who see the suffering and pain everyday could be implementing some of the more scientifically proven, safer options. People would be better off.

Let me stress, it is not my intention to criticize or negate the medical profession in this article. They do an awesome job and I believe mostly from a heart of compassion. And so do my colleagues and I, in the natural medicine field. Our intent is to alleviate human suffering and particularly to help others along the road to wellness. If you see a better way, then why not choose it? I simply ask that all people be free to explore and choose better ways.

What do I offer in my natural therapies clinic? Information; a caring, listening ear; immune stimulants that work with the body, not against it. Protocols that use agents proven for their anti-cancer effects. Actually, the way I help a person with cancer will not be very different to how I help any other case. Only some of the remedies will vary.

It is important to remember that my job is not to treat the disease (cancer) - that is the doctor’s job; I treat the body that developed the disease. Why did it let cancer grow in the first place? Lets find that out. Let’s go on a journey of discovery for your better health!