Disclaimer: Please note this questionnaire is not a complete diagnosis in and of itself, and is not intended to diagonose any type of illness.

Many of our health problems come back to how food is digested.
Basic Naturopathic philosophy states that all disease begins in the gut. The quality of food we ingest is one thing, but the ability to assimilate and take up all the nutrients is really the key to betta health.
As we age, our production of digestive enzymes and stomach acid decreases. Most people suffer from poor digestion and the answer is not antacids or Losec (omeprazole), but improving the digestion and getting rid of Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that causes much stomach disease. Answer these questions as best you can. A yes to any one of these questions is likely you have problems in this area.
Send us your total score to these questions.

Do you have:

boxfrequent gas, belching, or flatulence an hour after eating?
boxfood that seems to sit in your stomach?
boxa sense of fullnesss even after only a few bites?
boxunexplained loss of appetite?
boxfrequent nausea or vomiting?
boxfrequent burning sensation in stomach or heartburn?
boxheartburn so severe it wakes you from sleep?
boxchronically irritated throat, or hoarseness and need to clear throat?
boxhoarsness worse in morning?
boxdifficulty swallowing?
boxwaterbrash or reflux or a sour taste in your mouth?
boxbad breath?
boxinflamed gums?
boxchronic candida or parasite infections?
boxrosacea? (dilated blood vessels in cheeks or nose that looks red and or rosy)
boxrectal itching?
boxweak, brittle or ridged nails?
boxdifficulty gaining weight, aneamia, malnourishment?

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