Disclaimer: Please note this questionnaire is not a complete diagnosis in and of itself, and is not intended to diagonose any type of illness.

Are your health problems yeast connected?
Answer the following questions to determine if your health issues have a yeast connection. Answering yes to more than 5 means candida possibly plays a role. Over 8 is highly probable. The higher your score the more likely it is chronic candida infection. Send us your total score from this questionnaire.

Do you:

boxfatigue or lethargy?
boxfeeling of being drained of energy?
boxfeeling mental fog, poor concentration?
boxdepression, moodiness or changeable moods?
boxcravings for sweets, bread or alcohol?
boxnumbness, burning or tingling anywhere?
boxmuscle aches, weakness?
boxpainful joints or swelling in joints?
boxabdominal pain, digestive problems?
boxconstipation or diarrhoea?
boxbloating or indigestion?
boxtroublesome vaginal discharge?
boxpersistant vaginal burning or itching?
box“jock itch” or prostatitis?
boxhistory of athlete’s foot, ringworm or other chronic fungus infections?
boximpotence, or history of infertility?
boxlack of sexual desire?
boxmenstrual irregularity or cramps/pain during menstruation?
boxspots in front of eyes?
boxpoor or erratic vision?
boxAntibiotic useage within the past two years?
boxFeeling of “bad all over” but the cause hasn’t been found?

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