Disclaimer: Please note this questionnaire is not a complete diagnosis in and of itself, and is not intended to diagonose any type of illness.

Answer the following questions to determine if your health issues are related to thyroid problems. Answering yes to more than 9 is likely you have a low thyroid. The higher your score the more likely you have low thyroid. Send us your total score from this questionnaire.

Do you:

boxexperience hair loss or hair is coarse, dry, brittle?
boxhave dry skin, or does your skin itch in winter?
boxexperience decreased sweating?
boxhave fluid retention?
boxget jumpy/tics in eyes, eyes sensitive to light, or gritty eyes?
boxget dizzy or have vertigo?
boxhave tinnitus?
boxhave a hoarse voice?
boxget recurrent headaches?
boxhave thinning of eyebrows or eye lashes?
boxexperience forgetfulness, or poor short term memory?
boxhave elevated cholesterol?
boxhave difficulty losing weight?
boxget cold hands and feet, or senstivity to cold?
boxhave difficulty thinking, or experience brain fog?
boxhave constipation (less than 1 bowel movement a day)?
boxfeel moody, depressed, anxious?
boxhave achey mucles/sore joints?
boxhave low sex drive?
boxhave history of infertility or miscarriages?
boxhave irregular, or painful menstraul cycles?
boxexperience more recurrent infections?
boxhave a previous diagnosis of goitre/nodules?
boxhave history of treatment for hypothyroidism?
boxhave history of treatment for hyperthyroidism?
boxhave a slow pulse?
boxhave low blood pressure?
boxhave sleep apnea?
boxsleep restlessly, or tired when you awake

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