CSG1 Colloidal Silver
Generator Instructions

Disclaimer: Experimental use only. These instructions and the use of this device are not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional. We cannot be responsible for any adverse effects believed to be due to the use of this device.

  1. Remove battery door.
  2. Install 1 x 9v battery and refit the battery door.
  3. Insert the two silver rods through the holes in the wooden holder so that 1cm protrudes from the top. The silver rods must be parallel, and one inch (2-3cm) apart. Attach an alligator clip to each silver rod.
  4. Fill a glass tumbler almost to the top with (preferably) distilled water. Place the wood block over the top of the tumbler so the silver rods hang down into the water. Make sure they do not touch the sides of the glass. If rods touch the bottom of the glass tumbler, pull the rods up slightly through the holes in the wood block.
  5. Insert the plug into the socket of the Colloidal Silver Generator; the green LED light comes on.
  6. Begin timing (use the timer on the stove set to 20 minutes as a reminder).
  7. After a few minutes mist and bubbles should be seen coming from one of the silver rods. The water will also become slightly cloudy. The positive rod will accumulate a dark grey oxide coating. Sometimes this coating becomes black. If this happens, carefully lift the rods out of the water and wipe clean with a paper towel, then place rods back in the water.
  8. After twenty minutes the colloidal silver should be 5ppm. Another 10-20 minutes will produce 10ppm. When you have finished generating, remove the rods and briefly stir the colloidal silver with a non-metal stirrer.
  9. Unplug the lead from the generator to conserve batteries.
  10. Clean the rods to a shiny finish with a plastic scouring pad before next use.
  11. Your colloidal silver solution should be a grey/gold colour when held up to the light, and have a slight metallic taste.
  12. If any black oxide formed, you can either leave the solution to settle then decanter it, or pass the solution through high quality coffee-filter paper before consuming. (Filter paper is available at coffee shops or supermarkets; use non-bleached paper.)

To make larger quantities of colloidal silver, expect 10 minutes per 100mls of distilled water (e.g. 500mls takes about 50 minutes). You will need to watch more closely in case of black oxide forming. If this happens, remove the rods, clean, and re-insert again.

Colloidal silver may be stored for up to three months in a dark glass container, away from sunlight, not in the fridge, or near electrical appliances.

Replace battery when the LED light changes to a red colour.