ZSUP Super Zapper

Disclaimer: Experimental use only. These instructions and the use of this device are not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional. We cannot be responsible for any adverse effects believed to be due to the use of this device.

Please read and follow all instructions fully before using this device.
Failure to do so may cause adverse reactions.

Locate maximum ulnar and radial pulse positions on left wrist. Clean area with soap and water or alcohol swab.

  1. Fit velcro strap first. Locate the two stainless steel wrist electrodes and insert in cotton sleeves. Position electrodes lengthwise along radial and ulnar arteries respectively (see separate diagram). Hold electrodes securely in place beneath velcro strap.
  2. Using salt and dropper bottle supplied, make up a salt solution with water by adding 1/8 tsp salt to 25 ml water (1 tablespoon). Shake well. Wet electrodes with a few drops of this solution.
  3. Turn on the machine, ensure light flashes and keep the level control to minimum (anticlockwise).
  4. Plug electrode lead into small socket located beside the flashing light. (The light will go out to indicate current flow in the electrodes).
  5. Rotate level control slowly clockwise until you feel a "thumping" and tingling sensation. Turn as high as possible but don't turn up to where it is uncomfortable. Adjust the level periodically as your body adapts to the current after several minutes. It is normal to feel progressively less sensation with time. You may notice little or no sensation at full level immediately, but feeling will begin building up to maximum after several minutes at which time the level must be decreased. Keep electrodes moist by applying a drop of the salt solution every 20 minutes.
  6. Use for 2 hours daily for up to 2 months. Use judgment here - the limiting factor is detoxification. Drink plenty of water. With heavy infections go slower so as not to overload the body's toxic disposal capability. Carefully monitor reactions as deciding factor in how long to apply the current. (There may be detox effects such as skin eruptions, rashes, boils, discomfort, nausea, coated tongue.) Some have used the unit as recommended for weeks. Others benefit from only short sessions (less than 2 hours a day for two months, then have a break for a month, then continue on for another two months and so on). Most viruses etc are killed within 21 days.
  7. After use, carefully unplug the electrodes and machine and store until next use. Wash cotton sleeves in warm water from time to time as necessary.
  1. Drink a 200 ml glass of filtered water 15 minutes before and immediately after each session. Drink at least four more glasses daily for flushing during electrification and for one week after. Failure to do this may cause systemic damage from unflushed toxins.
  2. Battery replacement: The LED (light) flashes only when electrodes are not plugged in. If LED does not flash or has become dim battery will need replacing. Use only 9V alkaline type.
  3. Do not immerse your Super Zapper in water. To clean, wipe case with a damp cloth. For servicing or further information please refer to your supplier, or contact us.
  1. Failure to follow precautions may cause adverse reactions.
  2. Avoid ingesting anything containing medicinal herbs, or potentially toxic medication, nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs, laxatives, tonics and certain vitamins for one week prior to starting. (Blood electrification increases cell permeability to small quantities of previously harmless chemicals. The effect is similar to overdosing.) When absolutely essential drugs must be taken, do so a few minutes after the electrification, then wait 24 hours before next session, that is, DO NOT TAKE ROUTINE MEDICATION OR HERBS IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT.
  3. Do not place electrodes over skin lesions, abrasions, new scar tissue, cuts, eruptions or sunburn. Do not advance output level to uncomfortable settings. There may be slight reddening of the skin under the electrodes. This is normal.
  4. If you feel sluggish, faint, dizzy, headachey, light-headed, giddy or nauseous, or have flu-like symptoms or rashes after electrification, reduce application time. Drink more water - preferably distilled and ozonised to increase toxin flushing.
  5. Use extreme caution if you have impaired kidney or liver function. Start slowly at first with 20 minutes per day to reduce detox effects.


  1. Bend the supplied .9999 pure silver wires to fit over the lip of a clean 250 ml 8oz glass tumbler. Fill with purified water and attach colloidal silver lead set to silver wires. These are the red and black clips at one end of a shorter lead.
    The other end has a plug which fits into the side of the silver pulser case. It does not matter which lead goes to which silver wire electrode. DO NOT let silver electrodes touch each other.
  2. If you are using distilled water, put a drop of 1% salt solution into the water. Salt solution may be made by stirring 1/8 teaspoon salt into 25mls (1 tablespoon) water. Store in dropper bottle supplied.
  3. Turn the unit on. Ensure red LED light flashes. (Make sure wrist electrode lead is not plugged in.) The level control does not affect the colloidal silver generation. Four minutes will produce a fine silver colloid solution of 10ppm. You will see plumes of silver coming off one electrode.
  4. Turn the unit off. Unclip the leads and remove the silver wire electrodes from the glass of colloidal silver solution. Polish the silver wire electrodes after use, using a piece of paper toweling or plastic scouring pad. Dry and store for reuse.
  5. Stir the solution and consume immediately or store no longer than 24 hours in a refrigerator.