Disclaimer: Please note this questionnaire is not a complete diagnosis in and of itself, and is not intended to diagonose any type of illness.

Answer the following questions to determine if your health issues are related to poor detox capacity and a sluggish or toxic liver. Regardless of whether you have one or ten of these symptoms, your body is trying to send you an SOS. Answering yes to more than 9 is likely you have liver issues. The higher your score the more the likelihood.
Send us your total score from this questionnaire.

Do you have:

boxacne, blemishes hives or itchy skin?
boxdiscolouration in eyes (particularly yellowish blips)?
boxhaemorrhoids or varicose veins?
boxhormonal imbalances (PMS, menstraul or menopauseal concerns)
boxheat in upper body such as warm face or hot eyes?
boxlight coloured stools?
boxgas, bloating, nausea, especially after eating fatty foods?
boxdifficulty digesting fats?
boxtiredness or sleepiness after eating?
boxweak tendons, ligaments or muscles?
boxmild frontal headaches?
boxtendency to loss of appetite or other eating disorder?
boxweight gain, or difficulty controlling your weight?
boxtendency to wake around 1am to 3am?
boxpain under right shoulder blade?
boxoutbursts of anger, irritability or rage?
boxdepression that isnít necessarily related to life events?
boxhi bilirubin levels?
boxelevated liver enzymes (SGOT, SGPT)?

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