ZHC2 Zapper Frequency
Generator Instructions

Disclaimer: Experimental use only. These instructions and the use of this device are not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional. We cannot be responsible for any adverse effects believed to be due to the use of this device.

  1. Plug the copper handholds into the zapper.
  2. Cut strips of paper towelling 90mm (3") wide. Wind a single layer around each handhold.
  3. Dip each handhold in a glass of water (preferably distilled) and squeeze out excess moisture.
  4. Turn zapper on. The light flashes green to indicate current flow to each handhold.
  5. Grasp one handhold securely in each hand. Do not let your hands touch.
  6. Zap for 7-10 minutes.
  7. After this, switch the unit off for an intermission of 20-30 minutes.
  8. Zap again (with the unit turned on) for another session of 7-10 minutes and an intermission of 20-30 minutes.
  9. Repeat once more, giving 3 sessions altogether.
  10. If the handholds dry out re-wet during your zapping session.
  11. When finished, remove paper towel strips and discard. Polish each handhold with nylon scouring pad (supplied). If handholds become badly tarnished, clean with a stainless steel scouring pad, then wipe clean and repolish. Store handholds in paper bag when not in use.
  12. For further information regarding zapping refer to the book "The Cure For All Diseases" by Hulda R. Clark.

We recommend a 9v alkaline battery (not supplied). When battery is low, the light will change from green to orange-red colour.

  1. Remove the battery cover
  2. Lift battery out and unclip it from it's black snap terminal
  3. Fit new battery and place in the case
  4. Re-fit the cover
  5. Turn the unit on to test. The light should glow green. Turn unit off until next use.